Ryan foster

Ryan is a Principal and managing partner of Axis Mountain Technical. Ryan was raised on a remote cattle ranch in BC’s West Chilcotin where responsibility,
problem solving and out of the box solutions were daily creed. Being raised in a ranching and logging family, Ryan spent his early ‘paid’ career in the BC Forest Industry pursuing technical and leadership positions in both silviculture and harvesting. Remote mountains and high risk settings have been a common thread for Ryan’s personal and professional life, eventually leading him to spending 10 years in field of mountain safety and avalanche risk management. Over time Ryan has transitioned to embrace what is the ultimate challenge – mountain construction. When not at home with his amazing wife and daughters, Ryan enjoys crushing tough projects with the truly exceptional Axis team.


Shane spencer

Shane is a Principal and managing partner at Axis Mountain Technical. Having grown up on a remote homestead in Northern BC, Shane was taught the importance of hard work and ingenuity. An eternal optimist, he always seems to maintain positive energy whatever the situation. Shane enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of completing tough projects. He draws from a diverse and unique background of industrial and recreational experience. Shane has stood on the summit of Canada’s high peak, guided heli-skiers and climbers, built roads, bridges and mountain bike trails in some of the most remote and rugged terrain BC has to offer. For the past 10 years, Shane has mentored and trained students for Justice Institute of BC Mountain Rescue/SAR program. In his free time, Shane enjoys wild adventures with his wife Suki and two kids that incorporates their shared passion for climbing, kiteboarding, travelling and riding anything with two wheels. This diverse mix of skills and experience contribute to Shane’s strength as part of the Axis design and build team.