From concept to completion, without a doubt mountain construction is Axis Mountain Technical’s specialty. Our team thrives in remote worksites and excel on projects challenged by environment. Just look at some of our past projects to see what we mean!

Drilling & blasting

Axis Mountain Technical offers a large lineup of remote drilling systems.  We are organized with hand drill (pluggers), DTH (Down-The-Hole) drills and Spider/Excavator mounted rigs. We can drill holes ranging from 25-150mm and upto 20m deep. Axis drillers are experienced at using our gear in high angle, remote and environmentally sensitive job sites.  We specialize in hard to reach locations.
Axis Mountain Technical is also a certified blasting company.   

Rope access

Rope Access Technicians are known for their ability to access seemingly impossible locations. This ability helps your business’s productivity and saves you money unlike any other height access systems, rope access systems can be deployed in minutes and removed at the end of each day. This minimizes down time and save our clients money when compared to conventional access methods. Each member of our team undergoes world-class technical training in rope access systems and possess the experience necessary to evaluate critical conditions and perform emergency rescues while ensuring the safety all others adjacent to the operation.
partners and suppliers.

scaling & Slope stabilization

Axis offers complete slope stabilization and scaling services.  Any slide hazards are cleared by our seasoned team of scalers with bars, air bags, power jacks and  explosives.  We also install rock fall protection, snow fences and debris flow nets.  Our knowledge and comfort in the mountains brings an unmatched level of safety and efficiency to the job site.

Spider Excavators

Our Spiders are used in Specialized Civil Construction, Instream Works, Demolition and Remediation Works. Spiders can easily access and safely work in terrain other machines cannot. Axis has both Kaiser and Menzi Muck machines in its fleet of 4×4 spider excavators. They are equipment with winch systems for safe and effective mooring on even the most extreme terrain. We have a large range of diverse attachments, including drills. Our drilling  systems can be configure for top drive or DTH. No other company has such a modern and up to date fleet of equipment and attachments in Canada.